Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's always something..

Do you have a chronic syndrome of some kind when it comes to quilting? No? Lucky you! I seem to have two of them.
  1. Buying the wrong amount of fabric. How does that happen? I look at my yardage chart and double check it. Maybe I switch numbers subconsciously in my head, or blurt it out wrong, or just not look at the yardage chart. Who knows....

  2. Cutting wrong! Which sometimes means I have to buy more fabric. I've had to do this more than once with the same quilt!  Thankfully, I buy about 1/4 yd extra all the time, which often is plenty to achieve a full recovery from my mistake.
Taking off the borders
It was #2 that got me, yesterday. When I finished the top, I put it up on the design wall to admire my work. GAK! It was awful. Just looked silly. The inner border was too wide and just overwhelmed the quilt. "But, I'm always so careful" I said to myself. Well, apparently not. I double checked my design and my cutting instructions. Sure enough, the design (on EQ7 software) specified a 1" border, and I had cut my strips for a 2" border.

So, off came the borders.

Finish quilt top (Free Wheelin', Feb QOM)
Today, I finished "un-sewing" both borders, re-cut the inner border, and re-applied  them. Much better! Now, I'm just waiting for my quilting thread to arrive so I can finish it up.  You can find pictures of the block construction here: Free Wheelin' Block Construction .

Enjoy your week. Now let's quilt!

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  1. Weelllllll, I have to admit that I've also done those boo boo's. Very frustrating! I have to walk away from the quilt for a little while and then get back to it. Your BOM is beautiful!


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