Thursday, May 25, 2017

APQS Lenni for sale - make room for Millie!

Yes, my beloved APQS LENNI longarm (a.k.a. Miss Margie), is for SALE! It is time for me to move to a larger machine along with a computer! But first, Miss Margie is excited at the opportunity to bless another quilter. If you have been considering having your own reliable longarm machine, the Lenni is just the ticket. It is simple to use, easy to maintain, and makes beautiful stitches. Just contact me if you need more information. You can either email me using the "contact me" form in the right side-panel, or call me at 423-207-6140. And, you are welcome to come take a test-drive. Here are the particulars:

$8,000 (if purchased new, would be nearly $12,000)

Throat Size: 20” x 8”
Table length: 12’
Weight 35 lb.
Footprint: 4’6” x 12’
  • Adaptive Logic Stitch Regulation - best in the industry
  • APQS Bliss ball bearing track system option included
  • Pantograph table and laser pointer
  • Zippered leaders and 1 set of quilt zippers
  • Thread, bobbins, and a pantograph to play with
  • Extra bobbin case, plus some pre-wound bobbins
  • 1 pkg of brand new needles
  • Bobbin winder
  • Basic Training DVD, and CD manual
  • Hard-copy assembly instructions
The Lenni is light (only 35 lb.) and oh-so-easy to use. It is simple to maintain, and will tackle a king sized quilt with ease. With the Bliss track system, it just floats across the quilt. Lenni is perfect for free motion, loves pantographs, and is ready to be computerized. APQS makes top of the industry professional industrial quilting machines. All of their machines have superior reliability, personal, top-notch customer support, and a caring, helpful, and active forum of owners (newbies and the curious welcome!)

Quilting with a friend

Pam's workstation
Wanna know how to make real progress on those projects just begging for attention? Quilt with a friend!! I suggest someone you really like or want to know better. You not only can help each other solve quilting challenges, but also build a stronger relationship with someone who shares your quilting passion. Lately, my friend Pam has been coming to the studio once a week to stitch and gab. What a joy. We share our lives, love for God, and passion for quilting. Our weekly sessions have greatly blessed us both! Isn't her Little Charmer quilt adorable? Thanks, Sandy for your donation of the computer table!

News from the studio

Tricia's string quilt

I just love the simplicity of this quilt and the boldness that the black background gives it, don't you? Tricia made this one a few years ago, and recently finished it up as a gift. Nice job, Tricia!

We used the very versatile, Pipeline panto.


Mary Anna's friend's quilt 

This quilt top was made by a friend of Mary Anna's. Oh my! A real Stunner. And you should see the amazing 1/4" seams on the back of the top! The piecer is a real pro. We used the Poplar pantograph pattern.

Baby quilts for Agape Women's Services

Not long ago, our guild got a call for baby quilts from the Agape Women's Services in Johnson City, TN. Well, I found a pastel jelly roll, and together with some background yardage will get 5 baby quilts from that one jelly roll! I'm making 2 Jacks on the Porch (from 13 strips I get 2 quilts using a 3 x 3 layout) Find the pattern on Craftsy: Jacks on the Porch. BTW, if you use the Jacks on the Porch pattern, you can get 6 baby quilts out of the jelly roll (using a 3 x 3 layout)!

The other 3 quilts use  Jenny Doan's Pinwheel Stars.  Mercy. I haven't finished any of the Pinwheel Stars quilt tops, but I've been working!

King of Glory Wall Hanging or Table Topper

A lovely friend of mine had a birthday last week. In preparation for that, her DH and I schemed for me to make her a wall hanging in the colors she loves to decorate with. So, he sent me a few pictures of some key decorating items so I could get a feel for the style and colors. It was a surprise, and I presented it to her at her celebratory lunch at Olive Garden. Now, the King of Glory greets them as the come into and leave their bedroom. She loved it! (The pantograph is Pipeline.)

Wish I'd invented that

Have you seen the new Cake Mix Recipes from Moda? They are stitch-through papers designed to be used with 10" squares. Ruth Ann at Heavenly Stitches showed them to us at the May guild meeting. Each pack has 44 papers, all of the same layout, and you do the standard "stitch on the dotted line, cut on the solid line" routine. And when you are done, you have the makings of at least 40 - 44 blocks (depending on the number of mistakes you make!). There are 4 different packs right now, with others on the way. You can also get Cupcake Recipes - which are designed for charm packs! Fun and easy! Get them at Heavenly Stitches in Kinsport, TN.

Learning for the Week

Don't run over your fingernail with a longarm needle.  Ouch. Fortunately, I did not put the needle all the way through the finger and the machine and needle are fine and functioning great. My nail was a little banged up, and I just needed a bandaid. Time to put the safest foot on the machine!

You have a glorious Memorial Day weekend! Now, let's go quilt something!