Quilting Designs

I offer two types of all-over quilting designs: free-motion and pantographs.


There are SO many options for free-motion. From a simple meander, to complex, multiple motif combinations. From low density quilting to stiff as a board dense.  We can put our heads together and come up with a design that complements your quilt design and is suitable for the purpose you intend.


A pantograph is an all-over design printed on a very long roll of paper. Hundreds, even thousands of designs are available from many sources. Whatever your quilt design, there is probably a pantograph that would be perfect for it. The way it works is the paper is spread out on a long table attached to the longarm frame. A laser pointer attached to the machine head casts its light onto the paper. I just follow the lines of the quilting pattern with the laser pointer and "Bob's your uncle." (which generally means "you're all set")

Available in the studio:

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