Saturday, October 15, 2016

A mountain top experience!

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend from Colorado Springs, my sister from  upstate NY, and I, took a few days off and spent some time together on top of about a 3,000 ft mountain near Winchester, VA. Of course, we had lots of fun, and thoroughly enjoyed our little reunion.  Very quiet, not many houses around - a great place for a personal retreat.
HOWEVER. getting to the little cabin was a big challenge. First, the path up the mountain had 9 turns off of the main highway to get there, and all of it significantly uphill. All of the roads were narrow 2 lane residential roads EXCEPT the road that took you to the top of the mountain. It was not only very steep, but it was only about 1.5 lanes, with 4 blind switch-backs. It looked more like a paved goat path than a road. Sorry, we didn't get any pictures of it - but we were all hanging on for dear life and praying like mad that we wouldn't meet another car!

Isolated! We were the only house on the road.
We were so intimidated by our ascent, that we stayed up there all the next day, and only came down the third day because we were running out of food. Thankfully, that trip down the mountain and up again after lunch wasn't quite as intimidating as the first time. We did meet a pickup when we were headed back up the road - not at a switch-back - and both vehicles had to hang off the road to get by each other.

I can't recommend the place for anyone with a weak heart.

News from the Studio

AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show

A friend and I went to the AQS quilt show in Chattanooga, TN in September. It wasn't as large a show as I had expected, but inspiring! So many amazing quilts. Here is one of my favorites. It won Best Hand Workmanship!

Of course, I always save time for all of the vendors. My favorite was my delightful APQS dealer, Sheridan Carter!  Sheridan Kay Quilting.

My very favorite quilt was in the "unusual" category: the duct tape quilt. Yes, it was all made out of duct tape, decorative plastic tape, and plastic stick-on applique!


Christmas Heart Song 

Since the last post, I've made 2 Christmas versions of the Heart Song quilt I showed you in the previous post. One is for sale at a local interior design store, and here is the other one. The guild will be doing the Christmas Heart Song wall-hanging in a workshop in November. Guess I'd better get busy on my handouts and demo stuff! I used the Trumpet Vine panto on this one.

Tips and Techniques


Press backing seams open

 Always press all backing seams open. I probably mentioned this in a previous post, but it is important for longarming. Vertical seams pile on top of each other as the backing is wound onto the rollers, causing the fabric between the piles to bag. Think unavoidable tucks. Another issue is that bulky seam "intersections" on the top might wind up aligning with bulky seams on the bottom. If a high speed needle tries to pierce lots of layers of seams and thread, serious damage to the machine or the quilt can happen. Not a happy thought.

Learning for the week

Stink bugs are annoying when you are on vacation - especially when you find them in the bed! Just ask my sister!

Have a wonderful week! Now, let's go quilt something!