Longarm Quilting

You have put your skill, your love, and your time into your quilt. The quilting you select should enhance your efforts and highlight your work and care. My job is to provide that kind of quilting. The size, purpose, pattern, colors, and fabric of your quilt all go into deciding what quilting motifs and designs will be best to use. You and I will discuss those things and decide together how to proceed.

Other quilters may quote you a price without even seeing your quilt. Frankly, I don't understand how that works without knowing anything about the quilt other than the size. All quilts are different and unique. The quilting should reflect your quilt's uniqueness.

The cost of my quilting services varies based on the size of your quilt, type of quilting, type of thread, and whether I supply the batting. Just to give you a for-instance:

Cost Examples for Quilting Only:

Lap       - $75 and up
Twin     - $125 and up
Double  - $155 and up
Queen   - $180 and up
King      - $215 and up

These are examples only. We will price your quilt based on the options you select.

The final cost of quilting will also include a thread fee for just the amount of thread used in your quilt, and a fee for batting if you want me to supply it.

I am located in Northeast TN. Please call me at 423-207-6140 to schedule a free consultation at my studio or elsewhere to discuss your quilt's needs.

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