Monday, September 12, 2016

How to enjoy perfectionism

Headed Home
Over the summer, I decided to take a more laid-back attitude about life. You know, not take things so seriously. As a perfectionist, I tend to be very critical of my own work, and it just got out of hand. Last year about this time, I finished a quilt top that I fell in love with. I wanted to custom quilt it, and of course, pressured myself to do a "perfect" job. (...And me without a computer on my machine.)

My DH, had some sage advice for me: "You need to demote this quilt." I took that to mean take it off of its pedestal, and think of it as just another quilt. I agreed!

Then I journeyed to my APQS dealer's studio a couple of hours away. She is a coach and counselor to me sometimes - I really appreciate her. Her comment to my situation was to "See perfectionism as a good thing. It mans you always want to improve, to try new things, to increase your skills." Well DUH! So I have relaxed about the quilt, and have removed all deadlines about it. Quilting has begun, but I have no goal about finishing it. I now enjoy the process of just moving forward with skill building and quilting it as I have time between jobs.

What a relief!!

News from the Studio


Heart Song

Heart Song
This is a commissioned quilt for a customer. She fell in love with the Headed Home quilt above, and wanted a smaller one as a wall hanging. Both quilts are made using a ruler designed for binding, a technique I saw online. I am working on a pattern for it, with the name Heart Song. I used that great Trumpet Vine pantograph.

Mystery Quilt

Finally, the mystery quilt from the guild's May workshop is finished! I love the colors! Great job Sue Jones. I used a giant swirl pantograph which goes well with the tropical turquoise colors.

Fat Quarter Auditioning

There is an class called "If you can feather you can free-motion" taught by Bethanne Nemesh. She uses fat quarters gleaned from her stash for practice. Later, they make a great reference tool. 
General template on fat quarter
Doodling on newsprint
Quilting area on fat quarter

I'm using the fat quarters as a way to audition various quilting designs on the Headed Home quilt. I've marked each of the quilting areas, actual size, on a fat quarter. When I am ready to work on an area, I play with designs on some newsprint, then draw the area on a fat quarter or two and audition the designs I think will look best. Ok, so I'm a bit anal about the whole process. But, it suits me.

Learning for the Week

The new blood pressure medicine that doc prescribed improves regularity!

Have a wonderful week,
Now let's go quilt something!