Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hippity Hop!

The NE TN Shop Hop wrapped up last Saturday. What a whirlwind! 12 shops participated, 2 local shops, and 10 road-trip shops. The road-trip shops ranged from Cosby TN very near the NC border, to Crossville TN, about half way between Knoxville and Nashville. Wow. A friend and I hit the road on Thursday last week, and spent 10 hours in the car. We managed to get to 8 of the 10 shops. I wanted to go again another day to the 2 that were west of Knoxville, but just didn't have the gumption!

News From the Studio

Amish Pinwheel

Amish Pinwheel

Got 'er quilted! The quilt was made from fabric exchanged at the Old Town Guild Christmas Party - 2014. Friend Sandy took it with her to guild meeting last week for show and tell (while I was recovering from the shop hop trip). Thanks, Sandy.

What Knots?

The Mystery Quilt Workshop quilt, What Knots is on the frame - swirls this time. I long for good light in my quilting area. It's in the plan for next year - maybe.

New Pantos

Three new pantographs are in the studio. I love them! Let me know which one you like best for your next quilt.


Nouveau Feathers

Now, let's go quilting!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Embrace the Mystery

18 guild members participated. We used a large classroom in the church

It’s been a great week! Last Saturday, Sue Jones held a Mystery Quilt Workshop for my guild, Appalachian Heritage Quilters in Gray, TN! What a hoot. Look, if you are going to do a mystery quilt, for Pete’s sake, embrace the mystery. Sue gave us the option of selecting our own fabrics or letting her shop for them and do all of the cutting, too!! So, 12 out of the 19 who had signed up selected that option, and I was one of them. 
Sue always has a smile on!
  She gave us 9 clues – each one was a separate step in the process. It all came in a gift bag, with all of the pre-cut pieces wrapped in tissue paper, not to be opened until we were ready for the related clue. The day progressed with easy blocks. By mid-afternoon, rows were coming together and by the end of the day, a couple of people had their tops finished! The quilt is called What Knots. This is what mine looked like. Sue is a super-fun teacher, and everyone had a blast. If your guild wants to schedule her, Sue can be reached at 865-981-4547, email:
Sue chose these fabrics for me.

News from the Studio

Do you subscribe to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. daily deal email? How about the MSQC youtube channel? You need to do both! Just go to and sign up. Today’s tutorial was a quilt Jenny Doan calls Pinwheels on Point. So easy.

My friend from Colorado and I vacation together every year, and this quilt will be my project while we are on our little retreat later in the year. Just yesterday, I secured a wonderful little "cabin" near Pigeon Forge, TN, one of our favorite places to go. Oh, if you love cats, you must visit the Smoky Mountain Cat House there.

Enjoy your week! Now let's go quilting!