Saturday, February 28, 2015

What's the point, anyway?

Have you taken any of the classes on Craftsy? I have watched several classes, but had never actually done one. You know, actually worked along with the class on the specific projects used for learning. But, right now, I am actually doing a Craftsy class.

As a perfectionist quilter, I agonize over every seam and point match, every cut, pressing, etc. As a result, I piece pretty well. But I met my match in one of my own designs! The block is mostly all triangles. Talk about matching points and seam allowances. The block just cries out for precision piecing. So I'm doing Precision Piecing by Norah McMeeking . Just got started at it, so I'm still finding my way. BUT check it out. At least one of my units looks pretty good. I have a lot of units left to make. Next is Y-seams.

Not surprisingly, Norah is a quintessential quilting perfectionist - and human. So, we get to see how she corrects mistakes - from mis-cutting a stripset, to orienting the diamonds backward, to points that don't match. Thankfully, we all get to pick and choose when to do it over and when to let it go.

Do you sometimes let it go, even if you believe in your heart you "should" do it over?  Well, I believe that you actually should do it over IF the quilt is going into a judged show, you will give the quilt to someone who is very picky (or, better yet, give the quilt to someone who appreciates you), or you love the satisfaction you get when each of the seams matches perfectly. Otherwise, no one else will care, and neither should you!

Have a delightful week. Now let's go quilt something!

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