Saturday, January 17, 2015

Who made this mess in the studio? (and more)

I must confess - I did! Ok, it’s really not so bad, but what you can’t see is all of the batting fuzz, thread bits, pins, and other such “droppings” all over the floor. And I can’t find anything. I have 5 roll-up measuring tapes. Yesterday I needed one and couldn’t find any of them! That means a couple of them are buried somewhere and no telling where I put the others.

There is no quilter’s law regarding the organization or neatness of a sewing room. Whatever floats your boat, works. I like to de-clutter before I start a new project - mostly to find lost things, and put stuff back where I usually look for it. Let the desire to increase the joy of quilting show you where (or if) you might need to organize things. Start with what frustrates you most. Just make that one thing better. The next organization project will present itself at the right time.

January Quilt of the Month

I managed to finish Shadow Me This in the nick of time to present it to the guild on Thursday this week. Whew! I'm sorry that you can't see the colors in the thread very well. They are perfect for this quilt. The thread is from Superior Threads, SoFine #40, #703: Great Barrier Reef. So now, it’s on to February!

Now, let's go quilting!


  1. Have you decided what our QOM is for Feb. ?

    1. Portia and Annas have voiced an interest in the 3 seam 4-patch (makes a bow-tie with 3-d center). So, I'm looking at sizes and whether to use charm packs or what.


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