Sunday, August 20, 2017

Frenzied Fun!

Have you ever just lost control of yourself and kept doing what you swore you would never do? I didn't know how that felt until a few weeks ago when a friend and I drove up to Wytheville, VA to their Fat Quarter Frenzy. They don't call it a Frenzy for nothing.

Packed laundry basket - washed
As most of you know, I do not keep a stash. I do not usually participate in the guild fat quarter drawing. I don't just buy fabric because I like it. I have to have a plan, a pattern, yardage figured out, and then I shop with a mission to get all of the fabric I need from as few places as possible. BUT - I came home from the fat quarter frenzy with 48 fat quarters - at $1.50 each!! What was I thinking?

Of course, that means I had to wash the fat quarters (batiks bleed, you know), press them, and fold them into nice packages. Then, being a little over-organized (sometimes), I organized them by color families according to the color cards in the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool. Now they offer a splash of happy colors to the studio.

Occupying a full shelf on my quilting thread case.

The Frenzy was so much fun, I will go to the next one. Now to figure out what I want to do with these!

News from the studio

Words of Life

Words of Life
Dorothy's quilt is finally finished. My trip to my APQS dealer in Hendersonville, NC was a day of fun and fellowship as well as quilting. I used one of her computerized machines, and in no time the quilt was done. The name of the digital quilting design is Hope. It has words like love, hope, faith, courage, and perseverance. Sheridan (my dealer) found it on a free quilting designs website.

Sheridan (Sheridan Kay Quilting) FB

Portals of Peace

Back in 2015, I completed a quilt top which I may have shown you back then. I have finally finished that quilt! It has become a super-special quilt for me, full of hope, peace, and serenity. It often draws me to worship - but I don't know why.

It will reside on a wall in my entry to warmly welcome my guests - as soon as I get a sleeve and a label on it

New Pantos in the studio

Two new pantographs have arrived in the studio: Ground Cover and Feather Puff!
Ground Cover
Feather Puff

New Blog Page: Quilt Patterns

I have added a new page to the blog: "Quilt Patterns". It has links to all of the patterns I sell on Craftsy. You can always find it as a tab at the top of the page. Here it is: Quilt Patterns.

Learning for the Week

Over the last couple of weeks, I pushed myself to finish the binding on the two quilts I showed you above. One right after the other. That came right after a lot of repetitive motion folding the 48 fat quarters plus about 20 more already in the studio. Suddenly, one morning, the muscle under my left shoulder blade went into spasm - and I could not move. A quick text to my chiropractor brought treatment instructions. That was two weeks ago. That muscle is still sore. Why? Because I keep using that shoulder in repetitive ways!!!

Learning: Duh!!

Okay, enough of that. Don't forget to take care of your eyes when you view the eclipse! It's hard to quilt if you damage your vision. Use ISO compliant glasses, or an old fashioned pinhole camera like you did in elementary school. Have a great week!

Now, let's go quilt something!

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