Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Charity is from the Heart!

I know, I talked about the call for baby quilts for Agape Women's Services back in May. But, as you know, life is what happens when you have other plans, and my work on the quilts was delayed by other things.

What I have discovered as I worked on them, is a growing compassion for the women who are taking advantage of the loving encouragement of this charity. I had felt a strong urge to make a couple of quilts from my stash, but found myself eager to make a bunch of them. I found this jelly roll of beautiful pastel fabrics from Pineapple Fabrics, and dove in. As I have time, I work on them and am eager to finish them. I plan to hand deliver them, take a tour of the facilities and hopefully, meet some of the clients and offer them my own encouragement.

So, dig in your stash and make a charity quilt for an organization in your local area. Pour your heart into it and pray for the one who receives it. You will be glad you did.

News from the Studio

Charity Baby Quilts

I have finished 2 of the baby quilts and have 4 more under way.  I selected 3 patterns that are so easy, they will make your head swim. You have seen all of these before, but there are some surprises when you determine to make as many quilts as you can from a couple of pre-cut packs.

Jacks on the Porch Baby Size

The Jacks on the Porch quilt can be made into a quilt of any size, just change the number of blocks. For a baby quilt, you will need 13 blocks made from 13, 22" strips in print and an equal number of background strips, plus some yardage. This is a super easy quilt, too. The amazing thing about this quilt, is that you can get 6 baby quilts from 1, 42-strip jelly roll!! Doing the math, 42 strips divided by 13 blocks = 3 (plus some extra strips).
But, each strip makes 2 blocks. So 2 x 3 = 6.

This pattern is available from Craftsy at Jacks on the Porch (lap size).  The pattern is for a lap size. If you purchase the pattern, email me at the address on the last page of the pattern, and I will send you the yardage for the baby size.

Pinwheel Stars

This is from a tutorial from Jenny Doan called "2 for 1 Pinwheel Stars" Each block takes 1 jelly roll strip and some background fabric. Just use 9 blocks and a border or two. You can get 4 baby quilts from one jelly roll! Very cute. I used the Smitten pantograph on both this one and the Jacks on the Porch quilt.

Jack and Jill

I have all of the blocks made using a charm pack called Rainy Day. This baby sized quilt uses 1 charm pack and 1/2 jelly roll for each baby quilt. And, oh so easy! The pattern includes details for a lap size and a crib / baby size. Find it at Jack and Jill.

Heart Song - a wall hanging

Here is Theresa's version of the Heart Song quilt. She used Kansas Troubles fabrics. The thread is from Superior Threads' Fantastico line. The pantograph we used is Pipeline.


New Panto in the Studio

I have a new pantos in the studio. You can find all of the available pantos on the Quilting Designs page.

Quilters' Day Camp

Last week the guild had our annual Quilters' Day Camp. I kinda like it better than a full blown retreat off in the woods somewhere. Drag all of your stuff to the camp location and sew, share, laugh, eat, and gab for three days! We locked the room at night and just left all of our machines, fabric, and all in the room. We just went home for the night and showed up back at camp the next day. What fun! We had thread an little dog-ears everywhere, and fabric left overs piling up in the center of the room destined to become dog beds. 
Even our beloved service guru showed up
to coax a wayward thread from its hiding place
So grab a few friends, find a lockable room at church or someplace, and enjoy each other's company for 3 days! Whoopee! Can hardly wait for next year.

2013 APQS Lenni Longarm Machine is still for sale.

My longarm is still for sale. See the information in the previous post (see below). I lowered the asking price, so it is easy to own. It is computer-ready, and easy to use. Let me know if you need more information.

Enjoy your week! Now go quilt something!

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