Sunday, April 12, 2015

Appalachian Heritage Quilters Quilt Show - Huge success

Milky Way
The AHQ quilt show was a huge success!! Approximately 160 quilts were on display at the Crossroads Christian Church in Gray, TN this past Friday and Saturday – and they were beautiful! Best show we have had since I have been a member. Check out the Facebook page for Appalachian Heritage Quilters to see lots of pictures and info. I can hardly wait for next year. I was blessed to sell one of my quilts, Milky Way, to a local couple who will put it on display in their home. 


To get ready for the show, I needed to put hanging sleeves on 8 quilts, and a binding on one of those.  It was a customer’s first quilt that she agreed enter into the show. She did a fantastic job, didn't she?

Customer's first quilt!
As you can guess, I spent last weekend with needle and thread. If you are looking for a needle for hand sewing that glides through the fabric and has a big enough eye, that you can actually thread it – I have the answer: Dritz Embroidery needles, size 8. Then there's the only thimble I can wear now. I don't remember the name of it, but it has a rubber body that is comfortable and functional on my aging knuckles. 

By the way, setting up a quilt show is a major deal. Not to mention, getting it all out of the church sanctuary quickly, so it could be set up for Sunday morning!! Here are just a few pictures of set up.  Hmm, the few pictures I have here seem to imply that Angie and Sandy were the only ones working - but there were a bunch of us. The others must have been just out of picture range, or taking a cookie break. A BIG thanks to everyone who pitched in to make it happen!

If you have never entered a quilt in a quilt show - just go ahead and do it. It is great fun and very rewarding.

Now y'all have a great week, and let's go quilting!

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