Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Peace of Continuity

The DH and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last Friday. Usually, we forget, and it just finally dawns on us that we've been married for another year. But this time, completely by "accident" a trip was in order. We had a whirlwind road trip from NE TN, to Louisville KY, Newburgh IN, and Glasgow KY.  Actually, we didn't go because it was our anniversary, but because I had a longarm class scheduled. The DH had wanted to visit 2 friends from his youth for years, but it was never easy to work it into the normal flow of life, and this was his chance. We had a delightful trip!

Strip Poker Hysteria

Guild News

The weekend of 9/18 was the guild's annual 3 day retreat. As usual, it was a lot of fun. We had our normal rounds of strip poker, and of course, sewing until the wee hours. I managed to finish 2 quick tops, and get a good start on a third. To see all the pictures, visit the Appalachian Heritage Quilters facebook page.

News from the Studio

This past weekend I took a class from Angel Huffman at her APQS Store in Louisville. It was excellent! Attendees ranged from one who didn't own a longarm, to someone who had been doing custom quilting for a few years. We learned some basic ruler work techniques, and easy-peasy ways to quilt borders, blocks and sashings with very little marking. The key message for me (little miss plan everything before you start), was to begin your custom work where you are. If you aren't ready (don't have a clue what to do in a space), pin the heck out of it with basting pins (those bent safety pins) and keep going. You can go back to those areas later.

I took the Headed Home quilt I showed you in my last post, and discussed quilting options with Angela. She still has a quilt top displayed in her studio that she had made right after 9/11. It will hang there until she has the inspiration (and a bit of time) for at least some of the quilting.

New Pantos

There are a couple of new pantographs in the studio:

Smitten                                                                                                     Torrent

Learning for the Week

Continuity: "The unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time."

This week, watching the DH renew 2 very important friendships from his youth, I was reminded of how essential those relationships are to us. Time was, when families were rarely scattered across the nation and across the globe, as they often are today. You are richly blessed if you live near family and friends with whom you grew up. Otherwise, with no-one from the "old days" nearby, we can suffer a loss of what I call the "continuity of life". I find that there is an important "peace" in knowing that I have  a bond with someone who was and is a "witness" to my life, who knows that I have value and who wants the bond between us to grow stronger.

I hope you have that continuity, and nurture those relationships with care. They are important and precious. If there is no one you can think of that way - please take care of the friendships you have now. If you would like to get to know someone from church or your guild, invite them to lunch. They could easily become your valued friend and your life's witness.

Have a great day! Now, grab your chocolate and lets go quilting!

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