Quilts of the Month: 2014-2015

I've given my guild - the Appalachian Heritage Quilters - a challenge: to make a complete quilt each month of the 2015-2016 season. And some members have taken the challenge!

Jacks on the Porch - August
To celebrate playing jacks on my front porch with my childhood friend from across the alley.

Little Charmer - September
A “magic” quilt that actually has no setting triangles! Figure that one out. Click Little Charmer to get the pattern from Craftsy.

Jack & Jill - October
So easy! Use only pre-cuts for the top!
Click Jack & Jill to get the pattern from Craftsy.

Magic Hourglass - November (photo coming)
No triangles to cut or flippy corners. Just squares. And a lot of courage and focus!


Shadow Me This - January
So easy! It uses 1/2 of a layer cake, so I have all of the batik blocks to make another one. Woo-hoo!

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